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First, the company provides after-sales services

1. Consulting services: users encounter any problems during use, can call Toll Free: 496-696-2116 or visit the query.

2. replacement service: product replacement period, if there is indeed due to the factory causes of quality problems, the user can go to the dealer free renewal (the appearance of damage, for warranty processing).

3. Warranty: product warranty period, if quality problems arise, users can go to the local service center warranty service; no local service center, the user can delegate the dealer for warranty service.

4. Repair Services: product maintenance period, if quality problems arise, users can go to the local service center or the dealer for repair service.

Second, the user from date of purchase, under normal use product if quality problems arise:

1. Machine replacement within three months, one year free warranty, within the three-year limited repair.

2. Component damage free two-year warranty.


1. The purchase date to purchase invoice date (no purchase invoices production date).

2. No barcodes, serial numbers products. The company does not undertake service obligations.

3. The quality problem is not included on the user's personal sound quality, sound and other subjective objections.

4. replacement, warranty service is only valid under normal use: all man-made damage (such as user-disassemble, use of inappropriate connection, access improper voltage supply, Failing to guide the use and so on), due to transport and other accidental damage caused by the force majeure, natural disasters and other non-approved by the Company's maintenance and modification etc are not replacement, free warranty; maintenance services appropriate charges.

5. Discontinued models of products and services this company to do only functional repair (with the original product appearance may vary)

6. Warranty service does not include housing, brochures, packaging

Third, please bring the original warranty card and purchase invoices on demand services. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoices. Warranty card may not be altered, otherwise invalid.

Fourth, the use of our products, please read the instructions carefully and use the product

(Note: The company reserves the final interpretation of the product after-sales service regulations)

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