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Title: Two slot LED charger for Lithium battery
Model: ZH220E



      DC 4.5-7.5V 0.5-2A


      DC4.2V 1000mA*2

      DC1.4V  500mA*2

Size:125mm(L)×73mm(W)× 32.5mm(H)






1). Microcomputer control technology, intelligent recognition of rechargeable lithium battery and battery current situation of intelligent choice for trickle , constant pressure or constant current charging.

2). The charger can charge the chargeable battery with the diameter below 26mm and with the height between 34-70mm.

3). It is compatible with cylindrical battery in different voltage and it charges the Li battery with 3.7V or 3.8V and Lithium polymer lithium ion battery

4). It adopts the charging mode of constant current and constant voltage.

5). With battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection and The input voltage over-voltage protection alarm function

6). This charger uses Micro USB 5V socket input, supports 4.5-7.5V, 0.5-1A DC input.

7). Each slot with 3 LED, the charging process is intuitive, and can be synchronized to display the battery to simulate the power, the exact amount of electricity, battery voltage, and at any time you can choose to switch 0.5A or 1A charging current.

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