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low-cost single slot Lithium Battery Charger has been developed successfully

 Congratulations on the launch of the new single-slot charger.


This product with small size, the price is very cheap, very suitable for flashlights, electronic cigarettes and other related industries


Product features:

1). Microcomputer control technology, intelligent recognition of rechargeable lithium battery .

2). The charger can charge the chargeable battery with the

 diameter below 26mm and with the height between 34-70mm

3). it charges the Li battery with 3.7V or 3.8V and Lithium polymer lithium ion battery

4). It adopts the charging mod e of constant current and constant voltage.

5). With battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection and The input voltage over-voltage protection alarm function

6). This charger uses Micro USB 5V socket input, supports 4.5-7.5V, 0.5-1A DC input


Product parameters:


  Output4.2V,1.0A   1000mA x1

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