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Charge, and then a little faster

On the day of March 10th, the global "apple powder" (Tim Cook) are waiting for Tim Cook to debut in the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. However, after 1.5 hours of the 2015 Apple spring conference, most people only remember two things: the nouveau riche version of the apple watch, and it is only in the normal state of 18 hours of battery life. The bad news is more than that. It is not only a charge every day to watch, and 100% of full capacity, 2.5 hours.Apple watch built-in lithium battery capacity can reach 750mah, in the leader is wearable devices, but it is still unable to avoid carrying charge treasure will become Apple watch standard truth. And troubled not only apple watch. intelligent hardware iteration more and more quickly, increase the screen resolution, accelerate the improvement and speed of operation need to consume more power. Almost all consumers are complaining about the battery more and more is not enough, how fast charge become their eager to solve the problem. The lithium battery is now widely used in about 1970s has been a model, until 1991, SONY achieved through real business applications. When the digital product chips become smaller, lower energy consumption, to battery requirements also decreased. It can store more battery, let people think that it meets all the needs of future technology development. According to the University of Pennsylvania chemistry Dr. Chen Yuanwei introduction, lithium battery energy storage density is very high, but compared with the low power density, which means that power the flow of the input and output of no equivalence can be used to describe the disappointing sponge lithium battery, when inhaled a lot of water, which is a crowded out. 20 years later, it seems likely that they are not flaws of the big problem at the time, already can not adapt to the frequently carrying hundreds of APP intelligent mobile phone era. Compared with a variety of consumer electronic products rapid iteration, battery technology has been the lack of progress is exciting. "After the commercial polymer lithium battery. The lithium ion battery only 1995 invention is a breakthrough, but the main significance of this breakthrough is to make the shape of the battery is no longer confined to the cylinder, and did not bring such as to enhance the capacity of the battery performance." Chen Yuanwei said on the first Economy & Finance Weekly < >

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